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Bubble Your Troubles Away With Sherrys Lavishing Soap and Bath Products

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Sherrys Lavishing Soap and Bath Products Homemade Soap and Bath Products

Life has little luxuries. Not like diamonds, even though those are nice, but little opportunities to treat yourself to some handmade soaps. Compare my soaps ingredients to other soaps and you can judge for yourself. My soaps are made from scratch using the traditional cold process method, using high quality ingredients. Like Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel, Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Shea Butter.

Made in Iowa by Sherry's Lavishing Soap and Bath

Made in Iowa by Sherry's Lavishing Soap and Bath Take a chance to pamper yourself with an all natural, hand crafted product. Take a chance on luxury soaps that offers a little something extra, something natural...try Sherry's Lavishing Soap.

All Soaps Are Not Created Equal

As you can probably guess, not all soap is created equal. Sherry's is made from all natural products, with the key being the butters. Not what you put on your toast but a variety of that are made with cocoa, shea and even mango butters. Have been shown to help moisturize your skin. These butters have well established histories as beauty aids. A more natural way to favor yourself.

The "Goat Milk" Factor

The other major factor in some of my products is the protein base used: goat milk. The beauty of goat milk is that it's 100% natural You can literally feel the difference on your skin after using goat milk products. And since you have to be in your skin for a lifetime, wouldn't you want it to feel better and more enriched?

Nothing But Simple Quality

I do not claim any medical benefits from any ingredients used in my products, but there is however a lot of information that can be found regarding their different benifits. I will however tell you the simple truth: My soap is hand made with care, has all natural quality ingredients, and once you try my products, you will probably want to use them time again. Many of the people who "splurge" on themselves once with my products find that a little luxury made them happy... This makes them feel great, and that's what I really want: for you to be happy. So go ahead and go a little nuts and splurge on Sherry's Lavishing Soap:
Your skin will thank you.

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